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Lucent Is hiring a Web Developer

Lucent Digital is hiring a web developer to help us support existing clients, develop websites for new clients, and build websites for our own side projects and services. This position is for our office in Springfield, although we do occasionally work remote.

About the job


First and foremost you will provide support for our existing clients websites in the form of content updates, bug fixes, and enhancements. This consists of handling incoming support requests, performing software updates to client sites, and other operations tasks.


The other primary function for the web developer is you guessed it, developing websites. You will be involved throughout the project process. We don’t hand approved designs to our developer and say “make it look like this.” We think visual design begins in a static design tool and should ultimately end in the browser.

You will spin up WordPress instances, install plugins, create basic prototypes, provide feedback on visual designs, develop sites in the browser, and integrate them into a WordPress theme. You will create custom post types for content, add & format client content to create fully functioning, responsive websites.

We like to find simple solutions to our clients’ problems and give them control over their content.

You will be primary developer on our team for all things web-related. Your team lead has 15+ years of experience and will support you as much as possible.

Here are some real examples of work we’ve done recently to help you better understand the role:

  • Fix bugs and create enhancements in PHP for a WordPress multisite installation for a University
  • Develop a custom website by using a starter theme or creating a custom WordPress theme
  • Use Node.js and Composer to configure Webpack for compiling SASS, images and integrate TailwindCSS
  • Manage Commits, branches, and deploy changes with Git
  • Build a resource library with categories and search filtering using custom post types on a WordPress site
  • Creating a custom website for job postings using Laravel
  • Build a custom map app using MapBox using a Javascript framework like Vue.js
  • Develop a custom theme for an e-commerce platform

About You

You have experience building on the web and a big appetite for learning. The idea of working with organizations that do more than just sell widgets is meaningful to you. You write HTML, CSS, and Javascript from scratch with ease and are very comfortable writing PHP to build features. You enjoy working with Javascript frameworks like Vue and Svelte. You have experience in integrating designs into a content management system like WordPress. You love troubleshooting and experimenting with code. You enjoy working with teammates to find simple solutions. Interacting with clients and writing carefully crafted responses to their questions is appealing to you.

Benefits & Perks

Job Type: A full-time gig
Salary: $14 – $19 / hour based on experience
Benefits: Medical, vision, profit sharing, paid time off, flexible schedule

We’re sure you will enjoy our relaxed work environment, sit-stand desks, casual dress code, generous time off, having your birthday off, and monthly team lunches. We strive to work a maximum of 40 hours a week so our team members can enjoy life outside of work. We work to live and not the other way around.

How to Apply

To apply, fill out an application along with a cover letter explaining why you would be a great addition to our team.

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