Prodigy Pixel is now Lucent Digital.
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A Bit About Us

We are a digital design studio focused on bringing clarity to your digital marketing. Located in the heart of the Midwest, we enjoy working with local businesses, non-profits and everything in between.

Aaron Van Gorp

Aaron Van Gorp

Managing Director

Aaron was born and raised in the Midwest until his family moved to Belgium. In High School, he traveled through Europe by playing on sports teams and learned HTML by making websites to track stats. After graduating from Evangel with a Computer Science degree he co-founded the company. He is a two-time DWL HR Derby Champion and loves to eat his frites with mayonnaise.

Carlie Marinaro

Carlie Marinaro


A Missouri native, mother of one, and the people-person of the office. She has a technical design degree and continues her education daily through her love of audiobooks, podcasts, and Spotify inspiration. She enjoys exploring the outdoors, discussing the Enneagram, and checking projects off her task list almost as much as creating new designs for our clients.

Cornelius Ukena

Cornelius Ukena

Web Developer

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Matt Ward

Matt Ward


Matt was born and raised by a pack of wild wolves in remote Southeast Kansas, where he would remain until his journey Eastward to Springfield. He attended Missouri State University and received a degree in Graphic Design, throwing away his chances to become a professional wiffleball player. He remains conflicted to this day.

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located in the midwest

Our office is located in Southwest Missouri and we’ve been working in Downtown Springfield since 2007. We have come to love the small downtown vibe, delicious eats, and the Downtown Wiffle League.

We Love Springfield, MO

The Back Story

Our company was founded in 2003 as Prodigy Pixel. What started out as an idea over lunch breaks, turned side-hustle, finally grew into a full-service design studio in 2006. After a dozen years of growing the team and serving our clients, we were up for a new challenge. In 2019, we relocated, rebranded, and changed our name to Lucent Digital. We’re excited for this next chapter to see what impact we can make for our clients.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller Design

We collaborated with the Marketing and IT teams at AG to create a design system for them to use on multiple sites.

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